Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jacob Sheep

Thanks to every one that stopped by the booth at the Farmer's Market on Saturday!

There were several little guests at the booth for visitors to meet- baby ducks and a Jacob Sheep.

I've heard several people mistake the lamb for a baby goat - in fact, I did the same thing last year when Rick and Joanie brought one of the lambs to the market with them.

The Jacob is an ancient breed, sometimes referred to as a primitive breed. The exact origins of the Jacob are not known. There is evidence of strong Mediterranean roots and it is thought they were brought from that region, a, through Spain to England and from England to North America. Both males and females are horned, sporting two, four and occasionally six horns. Jacob Sheep get their name from Biblical story of Jacob in Genesis 30:31-70. It tells how Jacob took every speckled and spotted sheep as his own from Laban's flock.

Ber-Gust Farms is home to a flock of Jacob sheep. When my husband and I visited the farm, we were both amused and amazed that Joanie could tell which sheep was which just by listening to their Baas.

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