Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's At Market This Week - June 11th and 13th

Tomorrow's the first day for the all new Thursday Farmer's Market. The market will be from 3pm until 6 pm at 221 Main St in front of the AARP Tax building. So if you work downtown, why not stop by on your way home? There will be door prizes given away to several lucky attendees!

The Saturday market will take place as usual from 9am until noon at the Lima town square. For the kids, there will be baby farm animals. Also, there will be a cooking demo - "Fun with Greens".

What can you expect to find at the Ber-gust booth at the upcoming markets?
Garlic scapes (see the pesto recipe recently posted for one way to try these!)
Green onions
Zucchini (hopefully)
Beets (hopefully)
New potatoes (hopefully)
Honey sticks (I was informed by my husband that we will be stocking up on these - they're perfect to take to work for in tea)
Hang plants
Jams & Jellies
Maple Syrup

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